Gridlock 70's

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  • Bi modular curtain wall system comprising of a matrix of mullions and transoms with insert units structurally bonded to an aluminium frame and comprising top hung opening vent and fixed glazed panels. 
  • The distance between the individual cassettes is 16mm externally.
  • The Laminated panel cassettes are 85 mm deep comprising inner and outer metal skin, in polyester power pvf2 or plastic coating to a selected colour externally and standard white enamel internally.  The support structure comprises vertical mullions of varying structure and horizontal transoms which overlap into the mullions for transom to mullion drainage.
  • The cassettes are retained in the supporting structure by means of a retaining clip.
  • The system is fully integrated allowing flexibility of design and easy replacement of individual cassettes.
  • The system is tested in accordance with BS6375  part 1 and achieves 600Pa water tightness and air permeability of less than 1.5m3hr/m2 at 600Pa
  •  The mullion profiles are notched at the transom junction allowing the transom to  overlap into a pocket thereby achieving equal gasket depth from mullion to  transom.
SKYFRAME.BIZ Under construction
SKYFRAME.BIZ Under construction