Guarantee's and Warranty

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Skyframe Ltd guaranties its work by way of a collateral warranty for 10 -15 years. Our collateral warranties give our clients the assurance that they will  not carry the burden in the event of defects for up to 10- 15 years post Project.


Our warranty offers remedial work or replacement against faulty door Handel's, springs on doors, broken windows, double glazing and water ingress and common issues that you would expect to find with time and general ware and tear.


The terms and conditions of Skyframe Ltd's warranty are discussed with our clients on a one to one bases. At Skyframe Ltd we believe that each of our project's is as individual as our clients, we do not provide a blanket warranty, but instead bespoke our contracts to meet our clients needs.


For more information on our Guarantee's Warranty's and Maintenance contracts please contact our administration office .

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