Construction Phase

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All projects must begin at the beginning point,  here at Skyframe Ltd we begin our construction phase many months prior to the start of a contract.  Our dedication to getting our preparation work across the many areas the project will touch, are planned for and executed, to be rolled out during the projects contractual time allocation.  Pre-planning the construction phase of our clients projects in advance is an area we dedicate maximum resources to. 


Field Testing


Skyframe Ltd's  own historical experience has taught us that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, we never let arrogance stand in our way of  striving for perfection and we leave nothing to chance.  Skyframe Ltd  conducts field testing prior to project and samples are erected and constructed both on site and in our laboratories . Testing  for faults  and stresses are checked  and the quality of our material and products are put through endless quality checks.  Aluminium  plate caps are tested for their  integrity and water ingress  testing is caried out through the site , these are all but a small part of our testing procedures. Field testing is ongoing through the project.


Staff and  Training


At skyframe Ltd we recognize the importance of having the correct  staff for specific jobs, our personnel department take great care when selecting the skills sets required and many security and qualification checks are completed to verify our staff are qualified and have a proven track history in their field of work.   


Skyframe Ltd only employ staff that hold  current Safe passes and are union affiliated.  They must display understanding and working knowledge of the BS standards and are put through a rigorous recruitment interview, requiring them to demonstrate their skills in advance., this way we can ensure that all our staff  are able to work to the high standards we employ in every corner of our company. 


Skyframe Ltd understands that staff training is vital to its success, therefore we provide ongoing in-house staff training to all our staff. At skyframe Ltd  we make it compulsory and mandatory for all our staff to attend  twice monthly training days at our in-house training department to ensure that their skills are current and compliant with the design specifications elements of the job they are working on.  Technology and procedures , standards and health and safety guidelines change at lightening pace in today's industry and we take our employees skills  and safety very serious.  Our staff training program's  continue to  push the standards and quality of our company and the industry to new higher levels. 


Methods and Procedures.


Skyframe Ltd  produces a  detailed  statement manual from  Start to Turnkey for each project, with a working program designed around  the tight constraints of the projects.

Budget control is always at the forefront of our minds and we downsize and increase our staff intake at key stages of the project. Our Management team are continually on site  to inspect work and ensure our high standards are constantly being adhered to and time lines and work is progressing at a timely rate. Weekly meetings are  held and its minutes documented, developments and issues are addressed and pre empted .  At all stages of the project work is monitored and inspected for quality and attention to the design detail.


Progress reports are compiled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and discussed with our clients.

SKYFRAME.BIZ Under construction
SKYFRAME.BIZ Under construction